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Complementary Healing is your 'natural' healing choice for integrative family healthcare.  We complement the care provided by your doctor - to treat the whole person.  Using age old techniques to stimulate your immune system and heal your body we combine several modalities together to create a complete healing system.  

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At the heart of our practice is Leah Rifqa Savage.  She has a passion and love for healing and has devoted her life to ongoing education and helping others.  With over 30 years of clinical experience, and an innate ability to sense energy or 'Qi', Leah facilitates the process of re-balancing the universal life force within each person, increasing vitality, joy, aliveness and treating a wide variety of conditions ranging from muscular skeletal conditions to auto immune diseases such as cancer, lupus, lyme disease, Parkinson's, to anxiety and depression and many more. 


After thoroughly understanding your unique blend of intellect, physiology, and spirituality, Leah selects and blends elements of several techniques she has mastered over 30 years.  Applying these methods with deep empathy and compassion, she helps to bring about a profound healing of mind, body, and soul.   Leah refers to this blend of healing as Energetic Reconstruction Therapy © or ERT.  


  • Leah has two Master's Degrees: The first in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and a second in Ministry and Counseling.  She is currently pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Oriental Medicine. Leah is also certified in Medical Massage and Acupressure. She weaves together all of these techniques within your healing session.

  • Brief Overview of Therapies which are detailed below under "Leah's Methods": Oriental Therapies such as Acupuncture without Needles, Japanese Shinkiko Acupuncture, Bodywork Therapy and Muscular Therapy Rehabilitation, Tui Na, Sotai, Shiatsu, Bone Setting, Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Cupping, Sufi Spiritual Healing and teaching, Chinese and Western Nutrition coaching and Herbal therapy. Leah is a Tong Ren Therapist and teacher, Certified Medical Qi Gong Therapist and teacher, as well as a Reiki Master and Teacher,  EFT and Tapping Methods,  as well as Meditation and Healing Breath work. 


 Leah has studied many other healing traditions incorporating movement and breath, and continuing education such as hospice care, end of life care, pregnancy and birth, and physical therapy for Acupuncturist program.  


Leah has success in treating both adult and childhood illnesses.   ranging from Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness, to various forms of Cancer, to helping people heal physical injuries, to emotional stress, and spiritual exploration.  In addition to her medical healing practice, Leah loves to see couples and individuals for counseling sessions aiding couples in turning their hearts towards each other and seeking a return to love thru conflict resolution and understanding healthy family dynamics and patterns.

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"I came to see Leah after sustaining a work related neck injury I had for two weeks. Within only one treatment, the pain vanished and never returned. I couldn't believe how good I felt and how relaxed I felt leaving her office."

- Rich, Acute Neck Injury

Leah's Methods

Leah employs various tools and techniques to facilitate your deep healing. 


Her special blend of these techniques is called Energetic Reconstruction Therapy ©


We are excited to provide a unique blend of age old health care traditions scientifically proven to help facilitate and enhance your bodies natural ability to achieve deep healing and pain relief. 

Meditation & Hypnotherapy

Leah specializes in Guided Imagery and Mindfulness Meditation.  She is also a trained and experienced Hypnotherapist.  She weaves these powerful tools into her practice.

Bodywork & Massage

Leah has years of training and thousands of hours of experience with a wide variety of hands-on healing techniques.  She thoughtfully selects and skillfully incorporates the appropriate technique for your particular situation.

Relationship Coaching

Using a variety of systems such as Conflict Resolution, principles of Non Violent Communication, and Heart-centered coaching, Leah helps couples and families move towards deeper love, acceptance, and understanding.

Spiritual & Energy Healing

"Fostering a deep connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit brings a peace, a richness to one's life... deepening and enriching our experiences of living... opening us to a quality of aliveness and love that fundamentally heals the body."

- Leah

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Proper nutrition, detoxification, and loving lifestyle choices complement and enable your healing process.  Leah can provide coaching and guidance in these important areas.